Monday, December 6, 2010

My Winning Year

With this post I broach a topic it's been my policy to avoid ever since I started this blog: me.

It's true, I write first person stories which have me in them, but those are adventure stories in which I've been directly involved. (Sometimes they were told to me by someone involved.) In any case, there is a big difference in writing first-person stories and, on the other hand, writing stories know, "Me," Me with a capital M, facts and data about me. The first focuses on the adventure, events that actually happened.

So this is new. But it is not an enduring change. It is an exception, and I'll soon shut up about the boring topic and return to my policy of staying quiet about the ever-indulgent "me."

So, what brought this on? Why did I think anyone in the whole round world would want to read about what you will find below?

I had a pretty good year.

As a racer, that is. Maybe a remarkable year. My annual racing report summarizes it. I decided I'd put it up for whatever informational, instructional or inspirational value it may hold, and maybe it holds none. But if you are a racer also you may find it interesting. Or maybe not. Anyway, here it comes.

Beat it if you can.


Annual Racing Report, 2010
Dallas Smith, Age 70; DOB June 25, 1940


Miles run: 2612
Total no. races: 26 (2 ultra marathons; 7 marathons; 1 half marathon; 2 10-milers; 2 15Ks; 2 10Ks; 1 8K; 1 4-miler; 8 5Ks)
State records: 11 (6 at age 69, 5 at age 70)
Age-group competition: undefeated
Times in top 10 overall: 11

Race List: (age-graded time in parentheses; Rec. = single-age state record)

01. Callaway Gardens Marathon, Jan. 31, 3:26:26 (2:32:30), 9th o.a.
02. Mercedes Marathon, Birmingham, Feb. 28, 3:28:13 (2:33:39)
03. Fall Creek Thaw 15K, Mar. 6, 1:05:22 (48:03), Rec.
04. Tom King Half Marathon, Nashville, Mar. 13, 1:33:07 (1:08:30), Rec.
05. Running to Beat the Blues, Nashville, Mar. 27, 21:07 (15:30), Rec.
06. Mule Kick 5K, Columbia, TN, Apr. 3, 20:57 (15:23), Rec.
07. Purity Moosic City 10K, Nashville, Apr. 10, 42:08, (30:55), Rec.
08. Country Music Marathon, Nashville, Apr. 24, 3:21:11 (2:28:15), Rec.
09. Strolling Jim 41.2 ultra marathon, May 1, 6:59:38.2, (5:09:04)
10. Scenic City Trail Marathon, Chattanooga, May 22, 4:38:11 (3:24:46)
11. Cane Creek 5K, Cookeville, TN, June 5, 20:58 (15:22), 3rd o.a.
12. Race for Jordan 5K, Carthage, TN, 21:05, (15:26), 4th o.a.
13. RC Cola-Moon Pie 10-miler, Bell Buckle, TN, June 19, 1:14:51 (54:52)
14. Goodlettsville 4-miler, July 31, 27:28 (20:05), Rec.
15. After Dark 8K, Cookeville, TN, Aug. 8, 33:58 (24:49), Rec.
16. Blister in the Sun Marathon, Cookeville, TN, 4:32:11 (3:19:52), 7th o.a.
17. Baxter Street Fair 5K, Baxter, TN, Sept. 4, 20:09 (14:43), 3rd o.a.
18. Fall Fun Fest 10K, Cookeville, TN, Sept. 11, 44:21 (32:23), 5th o.a., Rec.
19. Run4Don 5K, Gainesboro, TN, Sept. 18, 21:11 (15:28), 2nd o.a.
20. Heavenly Host Lutheran School 5K, Cookeville, TN, Sept. 25, 22:07 (16:08), 2nd o.a.
21. Komen 5K, Cookeville, TN, Sept. 26, 20:39.62 (15:05), 5th o.a.
22. Shelby Bottoms Boogie 15K, Nashville, Oct. 2, 1:05:07 (47:34), Rec.
23. Nashville Ultra 50K, Oct. 16, 4:37:49 (3:23:35)
24. Team Nashville 10-miler, Goodlettsville, TN, Nov 13, 1:11:39 (52:17), 9th o.a., Rec.
25. Flying Monkey Marathon, Nashville, TN, Nov. 21, 3:35:36 (2:37:48)

26. Miss Gulf Coast Marathon, Waveland, MS, Nov. 27, 3:25:02 (2:30:04), 10th o.a.


  1. Simply amazing, Dallas. And you do it all with such joy! May the year to come be even better--is this even possible?

  2. Awesome! My dad is 75 and still runs races. He's always been my inspiration.

  3. Not a "boring" topic at all. Impressive and inspirational are more like it. What an amazing year! Congratulations, Dallas! Here's wishing you a wonderful 2011 as well.

  4. wow, quite a year. looking at the state records, you're on about a 6 year streak at least. congrats on a super year.

  5. I was listening to an interview with Ed Whitlock on "Marathon Talk" and it got me thinking about your local records. Maybe you can catch Ed some day?