Friday, December 9, 2011

New Book: Going Down Slow

My new book Going Down Slow is now available for purchase on Click Here

They don't yet have up the Editorial Reviews or the "Inside the Book" feature. Therefore, so that readers who are interested can browse the book a bit more, I'm including the Editorial Reviews and Contents below.


“A legendary runner and master storyteller has triumphed again…But the real victory belongs to the person who reads Going Down Slow…by Dallas Smith, one of the most remarkable athletes on the planet…Whether you’re an accomplished distance runner, [or] an around-the-block jogger…you won’t be able to put this book down. It’s that good…Much of his writing is pure poetry…” Corky Simpson, Green Valley News, AZ

“If Hemingway had been a runner his name would have been Dallas Smith. In his second book, Dallas shows that he is not a runner pretending to write but rather a gangsta of prose wrapping words smoothly around sweaty sneakers and singlets that make you feel as if you were there with him on his running escapades and tales of human compassion.” Joshua Holmes, CEO of Phoenix Publishing, founder of

“His M.O. combines the relentlessness of a Terminator with the gregariousness of a yearling Labrador retriever. The people he meets confess, vent, advocate, and otherwise reveal their most cherished convictions and thereby obtain a voice to the world…what Smith learns and imparts to the reader is often surprising.” Stan Lawrence, songwriter, mandolin and vocals, Music City Flyboys

“Competitive running probably satisfies many goals for Dallas Smith, but chief among them must be the opportunity to observe humanity in all of its colors and then tell stories about what he saw. It’s the small observations amid lofty thoughts that reveal the soul of this author. Beset with physical and emotional misery after a disappointing marathon in Stockholm, he finds the smile of a stranger brings joy and tenderness to the moment, an experience he links seamlessly to the writing of Saint-Exupery.” Michael Redding, Ph.D., Professor of Anatomy and Physiology, Tennessee Tech University

“Dallas Smith uses his keen observation ability and his endurance running skill to tell wonderful stories…” Diana Bibeau, president of Nashville Striders

“Pour yourself a big glass of wine, throw a few logs on the fireplace, and snuggle up in a comfortable chair. You are about to be entertained by the tales of a master storyteller… This latest compilation…is honest, poignant, and heartwrenching…” Amy Dodson, ultrarunner, two-time ITU World Paratriathlon Champion

“Dallas Smith is a masterful writer and storyteller, illuminating that whole range of passion that now thrills and now torments the human heart…” Charles Denning, former executive editor of Herald-Citizen, TN


Prologue—Daddy’s Blue Shoes

I. Turnaround

1. Turnaround
2. Punky Reggae Party
3. The Race No One Saw
4. On the Street Where You Live
5. Miracle on Fall Creek
6. The Best Marathon in the World
7. Twelve Gather for Supper

II. Spirits

8. Momma, Her Supper Table, Christmas
9. Tip Your Hat to These Two Women
10. Katie’s Angel
11. Prairie Chicken Capitol Redux
12. A Lonely Mesa, a Rude Visitor
13. What if a Neutrino Whacked Your Noggin?
14. Weather Report: Seville, Spain
15. The Editor Who Wanted Me to Write Stories
16. The Moment of Inertia
17. Iron Bill, Meet Queen Maeve
18. In My Father’s Garden

III. Pathos

19. I Could See the Midnight Sun
20. Porch Is Gone
21. The Way Angela Runs
22. Ironma’am
23. The Hunter’s Moon
24. Adventures in Paradise
25. Country Music Contrarian
26. Come Home, Hokie
27. I’ll Take Manhattan
28. One Day in Funkytown
29. Summer Heat Reveals Artifact of Marathon Man
30. The Mystery of Water

IV. Pilgrimage

31. She Threw Open Her Golden Gate
32. The Old Slugger Remembered the Long Balls
33. Nobody Wants to Crawl
34. Dispatches from El Camino
35. The Titan
36. Komen – Four Who Ran
37. Wretched Undead Hound the Haunted Half
38. A Special Guest at a Special Race
39. Fourteen Elite Fools
40. After the Flood


Appendix—My Winning Year


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